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Deploying Google's Speed Test

Does Google think your Website is too slow?

When Google searches your website and finds that your pages are loading too slowly, they will show your competitors website ahead of yours.

Do you know your Google Site Speed Rating?

Just type in your website URL to get your FREE Google Speed Test:

Why speed matters

Successful websites have one thing in common: they were all built fast and are maintained to stay fast. Speed is important because speed means more business.

More Speed Means
More Clicks

There are many reasons why your website ranks higher on Google—one of the most important is the speed of your website. By making the investment to make your website faster, you are actually taking a big step to make sure more prospects see your website.

Don't forget Mobile

If your website is loading slowly for desktop users, chances are it is even slower on mobile devices. You can't afford to let this happen. Mobile now represents more than 50% of all searches. Our service assures added speed for both desktop and mobile devices.

Google Prefers Speed

If you are doing business online, the Google algorithm has to be your friend. Speed is a definite factor and that's why Google developer offers a speed rating.
Best of all, Google's site speed test is FREE. Just put your URL in above and hit submit. Google's Speed Test does the rest.


We are a well established Landscaping company in Northern New Jersey. Our website had grown to 125 pages, with lots of pictures and content. As we added pages and pictures to the site it loaded slower and slower. Google Page Insights test rated our sites desktop speed at 42/100%. Within one week the team at SEO Site Speed had us at 92/100%. They guaranteed to increase my site speed but I never expected to see a 92% speed rating.

Rob S. - Owner


SPEED PROPOSAL: Please run Google's Speed Test and provide a complete list of what needs to be done for our site to get a GOOD rating (no charge).